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Italian National Center for Soil Mapping

Welcome to the web site of the Italian National Center for Soil Mapping!


CNCP is an articulation of the Italian Council for Research and expermentation in Agricolture - Research centre for agrobiology and pedology (CRA-ABP) in Florence. It was created under the project "Soil Methodologies: definition of criteria and specifications for the construction, maintenance, updating and consultation the 1:250.000 scale soil map of Italy. This activity was sponsored by the National Soil and Soil Quality observatory of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The center works at national scale to produce soil maps, manages the national soil database, distributes an Access based software, developes soil moisture and temperature regime evaluation model, gathers and offers soil maps and Soilsites metadata. 


We are still working on the english version! This version actually supports just the Home page, Soilmaps search, Downloads, Links and Contacts. For forther informations, please visit the Google translated version




Thanks to Project agINFRA we activated the Webgis service Besides it is now possible to download the Map Soils of Italy 1:1.000.000(pdf) (shp) (ArcGIS geodatabase - mdb), Pedological Handicaps and Soilsites in the Google Earth format (KML)! In addition, new publications in the Download area!

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